YEAR:  2019

This proposal aims to augment visitors’ senses through a playful integration of colors, layers and patterns. The structure consists of four cubes that are offset outside of the lifeguard stand, creating a multi-layered, colorful, translucent space that “looks” like a textured, fibrous material.
The structure is made out of four layers of net fabric that is mounted on a steel frame. A pattern is printed on each layer of the fabric, each time in a different color. The overlay of the four translucent layers of printed net creates the sense of texture and tangibility.
The texture is augmented through an Augmented Reality app that visitors can use by scanning the structure with their smart-phones. Through this app they have the chance to watch the texture grow and change colors, creating a dynamic structure that interacts with their senses. The app that will be developed by the design team, blurs the boundaries between the physical and the virtual space. A series of questions are raised through the structure, such as what is tangible? What is visible? What can be sensed?