COMPETITION: City of Dream Pavilion Competition
TEAM: Erik Martinez, Jasmin Sadegh
YEAR: 2017 This proposal pairs a non-sophisticated building material, with contemporary robotic technology, to create a unique, interactive space for the South Parade Grounds of Governor’s Island. We will create Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) from local excavation sites, and use robots as a construction tool to lay the bricks in a playful, sculptural arrangement. Our design priority was to encourage performances and interaction.
Our structure has an embedded stage and seating for performances. Meanwhile, the other side of the installation will have user-friendly equipment for people to press their own lego-like bricks. They can add those bricks to the structure and over the summer months, the structure will develop a new form. The structure itself will also interact with the island’s environment, as the soil will likely change color over time. At the end of summer, when we are finished using the structure, we’ll disassemble the bricks, and return the soil as bricks and stones to gardens throughout NYC.