YEAR:  2020
LOCATION: Frederick, MD
CLIENT: Downtown Frederick Partnership

Happy Stripe is a playful linear structure made of a bent steel frame and hanging nylon ropes. It acts as a vibrant stripe that highlights the urban and architectural characteristics of the specific lot while creating a dialogue with the existing context. The spline geometry of the frame is a reference to the arches on the neighboring buildings’ windows and facad ornamentation. The structure is tilted emphasizing the depth of the alley in perspective. The color of the installation relates to the color of the brick facades around it. The red-brown brick color becomes a brighter, more vibrant pink color as the stripe enters  the alley. The hanging ropes bring porosity to the structure and create playful shadows which change throughout the day.
An AR gaming application is designed as part of the installation, engaging the public both physically and digitally. The goal of the gaming app is to allow visitors to interact with each other safely in public space, while being socially-distant. In the virtual environment, the installation acts as a big basket and players are able to throw and score colorful balls into it. Visitors can download the game from the app store and  play in teams of up to 10 people.

Metal Fabricator: Fire & Wire Welding
Structural Engineers: Schlaich Bergermann Partner
AR Developer: XRFront (Jeffrey Anderson, Ahmad Tabbakh)
Photographer: Nate Smith