PROJECT TEAM: ITECH Students 2015, ICD Institute of Computational Design, ITKE Institute of Building Structures & Structural Design
PROFESSORS: A.Menges, J. Knippers
YEAR: 2015/2016
The development and construction of the Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) 2015 Pavilion was led by the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) as well as the Institute for Building structures (ITKE) in the University of Stuttgart.
The project was a collaborative effort between these two institutes and about 20 students from the first year of the ITECH Master’s program.
The project is largely based on intelligence gained from the analysis of sea urchin skeletons and their plate connections. Through  acloser look at these creatures we found out that fibers play a very important role in the integrity of sea Urchin shell structures. Based on this knowledge, a wood pavilion composed of finger jointed fibrous connections was developed. Chiefly, a system of sewing utilizing a robotic arm was developed toattach a membrane to a curved bent piece of wood. This way, an entire shell structure was
be assembled without the use of traditional metal fasteners.

AWARD: First Prize, “Building of the year” 2017, Small-scale category, ArchDaily
WEB PUBLICATION: ArchDaily, Dezeen, arch2o, domusweb