PROJECT TEAM: ITECH Students 2016, ICD , ITKE, University of Stuttgart
PROFESSORS: A.Menges, J. Knippers
YEAR: 2016/2017
The ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017 is a long span cantilevering structure (12m long) made out of carbon fibers and glass fibers. This pavilion shows the potential of this material to construct larger scale lightweight structures using an intelligent robot fabrication system. The fabrication setup consists of two industrial robotic arms that anchor each fiber on the corresponding frame and a drone that transfers the fiber between them.

AWARD: Finalist, “Building of the year” 2018, Small-scale category, ArchDaily
AWARD: BIM Award 2018 , BIM Cluster Baden-Württemberg
WEB PUBLICATIONS: ArchDaily, Dezeen, designboom, world-architects, digitalTrends