ACADEMIC INSTITUTE: ICD, University of Stuttgart
PROFESSORS : A.Menges; J.Knippers
TUTORS: E.Baharlou, L. Vasey
PROJECT TEAM: Kyriaki Goti,  Shir Katz
YEAR: 2017

This thesis examines the potential of using tangible interfaces and sensor feedback to develop an intuitive design and construction process utilizing granular jamming. By taking advantage of the variable stiffness of granular jamming, we create an adaptive fabrication process, where the user can easily and quickly create various formations by forming individual jammed units. Throughout the process, an interface guides the user’s design decisions and operations, based on predesigned formal and tectonic strategies from a background computational process and library. By recording and storing the formations that multiple users produce, this background computational library expands and learns from the successes and failures of previous iterations, ultimately developing a robust and open-ended design and construction strategy for granular jamming.

AWARD: 1st Prize, AZ Awards, Azure Magazine, Toronto
AWARD: Honorable Mention, Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards 2018
AWARD: Gold, in Material Design - Building Category, IDA International Design Awards, San Fransisco
AWARD: 1st Prize, Design Complexity Exhibition 2018, Mongeometrija, Novi Sad, Serbia
AWARD: Finalist , YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017, Tokyo
PUBLICATION: ACADIA 2018, Project Catalogue, Mexico City